Lincoln Davies Building Supply proves that "we’re so much more than a hardware store" when it comes to light fixtures, ceiling lights or any home lighting fixture with an abundance of options that are both stylish and functional.

With so many spaces to illuminate in and outside of your home, lighting shopping can get overwhelming, so let us help you sort through the various options to decide on the right lighting for your home.

Lights for your living room will be different than what you will want for your kitchen or bath. Cove, chandelier and even sconce lights work best for the accent lighting in the living room, while in the kitchen you will want appropriate task lighting to provide the brightness you need. We can help with lighting any room in your home.

For the exterior of your home, like your garage or patio, you will need weather-proof functionality. Inside the garage LED strip lights work great for under garage cabinets while on the outside you will want something more attractive. For the patio, a set of accent string lights might be enough to brighten the space. We carry products from

Elk Lighting | Westinghouse Lighting | Meyda Tiffany & Eti.