Two Lincoln Davies Trucks in front of a barn



Lincoln Davies Building Supply, opened its doors in 1872 serving as a general store to the local community and the rural farm industry. Many of today's customers are in fact sons, daughters, and grandchildren of past patrons who reminisce about coming into the store with their parents and being able to buy penny candy. When you deal with Lincoln Davies Building Supply, you’re dealing with people who know you.

Over the years it has evolved into a thriving lumber and hardware store that sells everything from nuts and bolts to windows and doors, as well as the highest grade framing and treated lumber. In the feed mill across the road where grain was once stored; cabinets and bathtubs now take its place. Where once coal was a staple of the trade, today, it’s wood pellets.

As for lumber, owner Ed Jones believes the business can compete with any of the larger stores around. "We carry western spruce, rather than eastern. It’s a better quality”, Ed says. “The pressure treated decking is all number 1 grade - ground contact, and it’s all stored inside so it won’t warp or twist.”

Lincoln Davies Building Supply’s continued commitment to both quality and customer satisfaction have been cornerstones of their success over the past 150 years.


We started going to Lincoln Davis when we needed to put new stairs in the interior of our house. The big box stores had higher prices and lower quality. The Lincoln Davis staff were so helpful and gave us personal service with concern for how much it was going to cost. We have gone to them for our windows and other big projects and for smaller stuff. Great people to work with.