LDBS Ice Melt 2400 x 650



Lincoln Ice melt is a high performance product that can be used for anti icing and de-icing. AS an anti icing product, our Lincoln Ice Melt Magic Liquid will perform at temperatures as low as -45F.

As a deicing product, applied to standard rock salt, Lincoln ice melt treated granular product will perform flawless to temperatures as low as -35F.

Lincoln ice melt, once in a granular form, works faster and last longer than conventional ice melting products that are currently available.

Dramatic reductions in application rate will provide users with a saving of up to 30-50% of their current salt usage. Lincoln Ice melt in a granular treated salt form is 85% less corrosive, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

A cost effective material for every snow removal contractor, facility/property manager and municipality due to its reduction in corrosive value, dramatic reduction in material usage when compared to standard ice melting techniques, and its valuable residual residue that continues to work until it to dilute to do so.

This product is safer for concrete and brick, plant material and is easier on your equipment.